How to Apply for the 2024 "Serving Others" Scholarship

Don’t worry, this will be easy!

Step 1:

Choose your local "Super-citizen"

This could be someone who volunteers their time, money, or otherwise is selfless in their support of the community. 

Step 2:

Write your essay

Your essay should explain why and how this person helps in the community and describe the positive effect those efforts have. 

While this essay does not have any length requirements, it is best to use standard essay structure, which can be found by clicking here.

Please use the cover letter found here. 

Step 3:

Drop essay off to local independent agent

Independent Insurance agents help customers all over the state. In fact, there is probably one right down the street from you!

You can find your local Independent Agent here. 

Step 4:

WIN!!! (Hopefully)

While we will receive many great essays, sadly only 5 can be selected as winners. 

The Scholarship amount will be sent directly to the student’s University. 

*This Scholarship is available for all South Dakota residents attending a South Dakota university full-time in the Fall of 2024. The list of eligible Universities can be found here. 

Deadline: February 29th, 2024